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This isn't just any Volkswagen dealership. This is Volkswagen Oneonta . We have awards and accolades. We have a passionate team. We are family owned. And we have your best interests in mind. Of our awards we have received the Gold Pin Award and the Wolfsburg Award from Volkswagen. If you have never heard of them before, then let us explain so that you can understand just how important those accolades are and how they represent our business. The Wolfsburg Crest Award is usually given out on an annual basis, and it is one of the highest awards that VW gives out. Fewer than 5% percent of Volkswagen dealerships receive it. The Gold Pin Award on the other hand, is far more rare. On average only 20 dealerships attain this award annually, and that's a worldwide figure. The criteria for the award extends to every aspect of our dealership, and are always kept secret. Though these awards are important to us, we do not believe in resting on our accomplishments. We will always strive to do better and to achieve more. Come with us on this journey.

We have a whole world of VW right here. Let us introduce you. First we have our extensive and impressive new Volkswagen inventory. Each and every one of these vehicles is ready to show you what the Volkswagen brand is made out of. Maybe you are looking for a vehicle on a tighter budget, then you should look to the used inventory that we have here. We even have a huge selection of pre-owned Volkswagen vehicles including a few WorldAuto Certified Volkswagen vehicles. If you already have a Volkswagen vehicle that you cherish, then maybe you need a place to take care of all the service and maintenance that your Volkswagen needs. Let Volkswagen Oneonta be that place. Your Volkswagen will thank you. We always strive to give you the best experience, and we will always work hard to get you what you need.


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Welcome to our Volkswagen dealership in Oneonta NY

There is much to love in the Volkswagen brand. They are iconic, beautiful, and stylish. They have their own presence that can only be found in something that bears the proud VW symbol. They handle like a dream that can only be German engineered. They are reliable to the ends of the earth, and they will make every drive a joy. Safety is a primary concern to Volkswagen, and they make every VW with the most advanced safety features that they have in their arsenal. We would be doing the brand a disservice if we didn't have a huge display of new Volkswagen vehicles on our lot. You can find the Jetta, the Passat, the Golf, the Beetle, the Tiguan, the Touareg, and even a few others right here. See the full spectrum of the Volkswagen brand at Volkswagen Oneonta .

Creating a versatile and well-rounded used selection is difficult, but that is exactly what we have done here. Our inventory features a wide used selection that will have everything that you could ever need. We even have a wonderful amount of pre-owned Volkswagen vehicles. Most of our customers come to us for the VW brand, and we would never want to disappoint even with our used selection. Each vehicle here has been inspected to ensure that they will all be perfectly safe and reliable road companions. Take a look through this selection, we are sure that you will find the perfect car for you here, and we are ready to help you along the way.

We're here for whatever you need

A Volkswagen is a great, durable, and reliable machine. Even so, things do happen, and routine maintenance is always necessary. Volkswagen vehicles are not quite like any other vehicle on earth, and only a special kind of technician can provide your Volkswagen with the level of service that you need. Our conveniently placed dealership in Oneonta can take care of that service for you. Oil changes, filter replacements, you name it, and not only can we do it on your model of Volkswagen, but we've done it before. If you are looking for something more major, even transmission, engine, or electrical system work, then you should come to us. We will set your VW machine back into perfect working order. Our service department is always honest, and always friendly. When we perform your service, we do things right.

Parts are the bones, muscles, and organs of your vehicle. Every part serves its purpose. In a Volkswagen, when all your parts are operating in harmony you have one of the best driving vehicles on the planet. Sometimes a part becomes worn and no longer runs harmoniously with the rest of the machine. This is natural and to be expected in the automotive world. Unfortunately, it means you are driving a vehicle that is no longer the best machine that it can be. Returning your VW to perfect operating condition is as simple as replacing the parts that are worn, and replacing them with the right parts. A Volkswagen requires designed precision. Volkswagen designed parts that will operate properly with your vehicle, and those are genuine OEM parts. We have a huge inventory of those parts right here, and what we don't have we can get. Let us work for you. We can even install those parts for you too. Let Volkswagen Oneonta take care of all your service and parts needs.

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