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I recently had the pleasure of working with Volkswagen of Oneonta. Here's what happened;I had been invited to attend a gathering of old college buddies up in Lake George NY for a weekend of fun at a gorgeous lake house. Some of these folks I hadn't seen in decades and we were all looking forward to catching up and I was particularly psyched to get my kayaks up there. The only problem was, with our new car, I never got the roof rack, which the kayak racks needed to connect to - in the past, I'd just leave the hatchback open and take it easy going to the local lake, but this trip was hours of highway driving and necessitated a proper rack system.It only occurred to me two days before I needed to leave that I needed to deal with this. Yeah, I know, I'm not always the brightest bulb ... So I called the VW dealership where we bought our Tiguan, and they informed that it was a special order and would take days to get in, and I just didn't have the time. But since some of my friends were looking to take a spin on the kayaks that weekend, I continued calling various VW dealerships, some over two hours away and they all gave me the same story. I then tried calling a number of sporting goods stores - no luck.Finally, I called VW of Oneonta. Right from the start, I knew these guys had something the others did not - concern for my needs and a can-do attitude. I spoke to a fellow named Tim in parts that made it his quest in life to get me what I needed. He put me on hold as he looked all over his dealership for a rack that would work. For a moment it seemed he may have had a used rack, which would have been fine, but in the end it wouldn't work. He said he'd make some calls and get back to me.Within 15 minutes, I heard back and he told me that he could get the rack from a warehouse in NJ and have it in his shop by 8am the next morning - the morning I needed to leave. The dealership was an hour away from me and I was planning to get up early, rush out there and then rush back and install the rack. I told him to go ahead and order the rack.A little while later, Tim called back and said he could do one better - as soon as the part got to the shop, he'd have his man Nash dash out to me and install it! Wow. Dashing Nash - gotta love it. Nash came out, installed the rack and I was all set and since I didn't have to make the trip, I was also able to deal with a number of other things that I wouldn't have been able to do if Tim wasn't so damn good at his job.Considering the effort and what VW of Oneonta saved me and how they helped me have a spectacular weekend (and fun was had by all with the kayaks, btw), the next time I need a VW dealership, they will be my first choice. Good going guys, you impressed this rarely impressed old curmudgeon and I surprised all by having a smile on my face that weekend.

Karl A.
Brooklyn, NY

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Volkswagen Oneonta is your family owned local Volkswagen dealership. You have come for the wonderfully engineered Volkswagen line of vehicles, and that is exactly what we have here. This wide selection of new Volkswagen vehicles is ready to show you just how great a car can be. We have all the most popular models of Volkswagen, including Passat, Jetta, Golf, Beetle, Tiguan, Touareg, and even a few other models. There's a reason why the VW symbol is so iconic. They build great vehicles, and they know how to make a pleasurable driving experience. If you are in the Oneonta area, including Binghamton, Cobleskill, Norwich, Schenectady, and even Albany, then our lot is worth a look. We've had customers drive from even farther just to see what we have in store for them, and they never leave here disappointed. If you are looking for a used car, then take as look at the practically pristine pre-owned machines that we have on our lot. We even have a great deal of pre-owned Volkswagen vehicles waiting for you on our lot. If you are a Volkswagen owner and in need of service, then Volkswagen Oneonta is the place for you. We can handle anything that may be wrong with your Volkswagen, and we can even take care of your routine maintenance. Let us welcome you to our dealership and our website. We hope to see you at Volkswagen Oneonta soon.

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