What You Can Find in Your Owner’s Manual

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So what’s in that weird little booklet, anyway? Your owner’s manual comes with your car and has a lot of useful information in it. Here are five of the most useful things you can find in your owner’s manual.

Do I need to keep my owner’s manual in my car?

While keeping your owner’s manual in your car isn’t required like it is to keep your insurance in your car, it’s a good idea. You should absolutely keep the manual for reference, even if it’s at home. But keep in mind—it is designed to help you on the road . Here are a few things it can tell you.

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  • How to set up your car: Can’t figure out how to hook up Bluetooth to save your life? Your owner’s manual has the information you need to get everything ready to roll.
  • Simple how-tos: Got a flat or a window that won’t roll down? Your owner’s manual will have helpful instructions for how to deal with common problems.
  • Service suggestions: From suggested tire pressure to general maintenance information, your manual will tell you the best ways to take care of your car.
  • What that light means: If a warning light comes on, your owner’s manual will be able to tell you what it means and what needs to be done.
  • What that button does: New technology means lots of levers, switches, and buttons. Your owner’s manual will be able to tell you how to use them and what they’re for.

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