Volkswagen’s Fuel Efficient 2017 Models

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Whether you’re drawn to Volkswagen vehicles for their undeniable style or their longevity, you likely have a few questions about fuel economy. Cars are important investments, and being able to choose the right vehicle for your short-term budget can mean that fuel efficiency plays a big part.

Which 2017 Volkswagen models are the most fuel efficient?

When it comes to fuel economy, Volkswagen offers an interesting option. The most fuel-efficient VW on the market is the 2016 e-Golf, an all-electric car that offers 126/105 MPGe (the equivalent of MPG, but with electricity instead of gasoline). However, the e-Golf does come with some limits: namely, it’s not optimal for distance travel. The current driving range per charge is 83 miles—which makes it a great choice for city driving but limits its function for highway travel. On the flip side, there’s lots of room for growth—the latest model is from 2016, so who knows what 2018 has to give?

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If you’re not keen on going all-electric just yet or have some longer trips ahead of you, consider instead the 2017 Jetta. The Jetta’s fuel economy varies a little bit depending on what engine options you opt for, but it’s good on both ends. The manual models offer 28/40 MPG and the automatic models run about 25/35 MPG.

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Remember, driving and maintenance habits will impact your car’s fuel economy. Limiting city driving and making sure to get regular oil changes are two of many easy habits that will help keep money in your pocket on a day-to-day basis.
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