Volkswagens for New or Young Drivers

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VW Steering wheel

Picking a car is a tricky process, and picking one for a young or new driver is even trickier. Fortunately, there are a few select choices in the Volkswagen lineup that are excellent for young drivers.

What Volkswagens make good first cars?

Though any VW makes a good car any time, there are a few specific models that make for exceptionally good first-time cars. All have reasonable MSRPs, classic VW style, and good handling, making for a smooth learning curve with the benefit modern technology to reduce risk on the road.

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  • Beetle: A style statement on its own, the Beetle is a great choice for new drivers. As a compact car, it widens the wiggle room for parking and navigation on the road.
  • Golf: A neatly designed, modern hatchback, the VW Golf is a sweet ride that offers a little more space than the Beetle and makes a great fit for the driver who shuttles friends to and fro and has sporting events to see to now and then.
  • Jetta: The Jetta is more of a classic sedan than the Golf or Beetle. The upgrade in size doesn’t mean a downgrade in fuel economy, however—the Jetta is one of Volkswagen’s most fuel-efficient cars. Combined with a low MSRP and sleek design, it’s an excellent choice for a young driver.
VW Wheel
VW Beetle headlight

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