Road Trip Car Games for Multiple Ages

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Just about everyone has been stuck in a car and bored senseless. Passing time is always easier when the whole group is involved, and a good game can make time fly by. The next time you’re going on a road trip, consider playing a few of these games to keep things fun and make the trip go quickly.

What car games can I play with teens and adults?

When you’re on the road with your kids, it can seem impossible to keep everybody entertained and in a good mood. Fortunately, there are some great road trip games out there that can help pass the time and lighten the mood. Try a few of these:

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  • The song game: Got a car full of songbirds? Try this! One person sings a line or phrase from a song and the person next to them has ten seconds to continue with the next lyrics of the song. This game works best when there are common music tastes and can easily end up with everyone singing together.
  • Mad Libs: Classic! Mad Libs come in little booklets full of stories with key words missing from the sentences. One person shouts out the kind of word they need (verb, noun, etc) and the other players supply the fill-in word without knowing what the story is. Once the blanks are filled, the story is read and is often hilarious.
  • Hangman or Pictionary: If somebody’s sleeping or there are only a few people up to play a game, grab a whiteboard and play Hangman or boardless Pictionary.
  • Would you rather: Everyone can play this game! Players come up with two situations and phrase them as a question, then other players answer the question. For example, “would you rather give the cat a bath or have the cat clean your entire face with its tongue?” Responses can vary and the questions can get pretty wild.

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