Is it Important to Keep My Wiper Fluid Full?

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Unless you’ve been caught without it when you needed it, it’s pretty likely that you haven’t given much thought to your wiper fluid—it’s usually taken care of when you get your oil changed anyway, right? While your wiper fluid is often topped off at the mechanic’s, it’s one of the fluids your car uses that needs your attention.

How often do I need to change my wiper fluid?

The good news about your wiper fluid is that as long as it’s there, you don’t have much to worry about. It’s not like engine oil or transmission fluid and shouldn’t need to be flushed or replaced outside of optional seasonal changes. However, it is part of a system that relies on having enough wiper fluid, so it’s important to keep it full to the appropriate level.

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How is windshield wiper fluid used in my car?

Your windshield wiper fluid is part of a closed system designed specifically to clear your windshield. The tank that holds your wiper fluid also houses the pumps that expel it onto the windshield when you need it. These pumps are designed to be submerged in wiper fluid—it keeps them lubricated and working optimally. While these pumps will work with less fluid in the tank, they’ll wear out a lot faster with insufficient fluid. Above all, though, it’s important to keep your wiper fluid topped off because it protects your windshield, your wipers, and you. It acts as a lubricant between your wipers and your windshield when there’s no precipitation which in turn protects your wipers from wearing down due to debris and keeps your windshield from being scratched by that same debris. As far as protecting you, just think about getting stuck behind a car that’s spewing oily smoke—even if it’s just for a few seconds, this could obscure your view and be very dangerous, especially if you can’t clear it away. 


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2 Responses to “Is it Important to Keep My Wiper Fluid Full?”

  1. Juan Spencer says:

    The windshield wiper fluid is highly significant than anyone ever thinks. This flowing substance helps in keeping the windshield clean and free from getting contaminated by grime and dirt. Many car parents presume that any stuff can clean the windshield effectively. But that is not the case. Only the wiper fluid can keep it clean and serviceable for a longer period of time. This wiper juice needs to be topped off at regular intervals. I personally top off the wiper fluid of my Bentley at an authorized service center for making the most out of my wiper system.

  2. Cara Lee says:

    Windshield wipers are used to clear the windshield by removing rain, ice, snow from it. Wiper fluid is an important part of wipers. It acts as a lubricant between the wipers and the windshield. Unlike the engine oil or transmission fluid it doesn’t require to be flushed or replaced. But it needs to remain completely filled as it helps to clean the windshield and make it free from dirt & grime. If it’s level is found to be low, we need to top it off. For topping off the wiper fluid of your Ferrari at an authorized car service center, you may refer to:

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