How are Certified Pre-Owned Cars Different from Used Cars?

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So you’d like to learn more about certified pre-owned cars? You’ve come to the right place. Before you come in to take a look at our inventory, let us give you the low-down on what certified pre-owned cars have to offer.

How are certified pre-owned cars different from used cars?

We’re all familiar with used cars. They come from all over in varying states of repair, and buying them can be a bit of a gamble. However, they offer a significant price cut compared to their new counterparts. Certified pre-owned cars present a comfortable medium between the two—the safety and reliability of a new car and the savings of a used car.

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Certified pre-owned Volkswagens go through a rigorous 112-point inspection that examines the entire interior and exterior workings of the car. If anything needs repair or replacement, mechanics will repair or replace parts as needed. You’ll get the car’s history in addition to a 24,000-mile or 2-year warranty for the car. A certified pre-owned car, in short, offers the perfect medium between a brand-new car and a used one.
If you’d like more details about the Volkswagen certification process, come see us at Volkswagen of Oneonta. Our mechanics can tell you more about the ins and outs of VW certification as well as take a look at your current car. We’re more than happy to show you our new, certified pre-owned, and used inventories to help you find the car that suits you best. And don’t worry—we’re not looking to stick you with a car you don’t want. We’re here to help.

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  1. We are all familiar with used cars. They come from all over the world in varying states of repair. Generally we prefer to buy used cars to save money instead of new cars. But they are not reliable. Certified pre-owned cars offer a comfortable medium between new cars & used cars. They provide safety & reliability of a new car and savings of a used car. A CPO car comes with a complete inspection that repairs any damaged or worn parts before being offered for sale. But while buying a used car a buyer has to pay for the inspection and for the subsequent repair also.

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