All these places in the Oneonta Area are Haunted

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Haunted Places near Oneonta, NY 

We are officially in the month of October, which of course means that Halloween 2017 is fast approaching. Halloween is the perfect time to seek all things spooky. What better way to do that than by visiting real haunted places in the Oneonta area? Here are just some of the haunted places near Oneonta, NY 

The Otesaga Resort Hotel 

Open since 1909, this elegant hotel in Cooperstown has reportedly had its fair share of haunting occurrences over the years. People staying at the hotel have witnessed odd voices in various rooms, unseen children laughing in the hallways and even full-bodied spirits wandering around in turn of the century clothing.

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Hyde Hall lit up jack-o-lanterns

When it was built in the early 1800s, Hyde Hall in Cooperstown was one of the largest mansions in America. When the original owner died, his son took over the mansion, and forced his mother out of the home, who swore upon leaving that she would someday haunt the home. The house appeared on Ghost Hunters in 2013, and an abnormally bright flash of light was seen in the house during the recording. 

Burroughs Memorial Field 

Now a historic site in the state of New York, Burroughs Memorial Field in Roxbury, NY was formerly home to famous nature writer John Burroughs, who wrote 27 books about nature, as well as philosophical essays. It is now his grave site, and those who sit on the rock where he used to spend much of his time have reportedly felt a rush of cool air, believed to be his presence. 

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National Baseball Hall of Fame 

A popular tourist destination in upstate New York, the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown is home to multiple reports of being haunted. Some have heard the voice of famous Boston Red Sox player Ted Williams say, “persevere, to have courage, to excel and be great.” Others have reported various inexplicable shadows and noises throughout the building, leading some to believe that the artifacts in the Hall of Fame are still connected to the deceased players. 

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